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  • Editors: Nikoleta Gutvajn, Jelena Stanišić i Vera Radović

  • Publisher: Institute for Educational Research, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Co-publishers: Faculty of Philology, Peoples` Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Moscow, Russia; Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia


Main aim of the monograph titled Problems and perspectives of contemporary education, is to thorough explore, critically analyze and elaborate complex, dynamic, multilayers and reciprocal relationship between significant changes in educational social environment and readiness, of educational system to anticipate, recognize, understand and adequately respond to those challenges. All contributing authors enthusiastically embraced the notion that education presents an important and proactive agent of social changes and consequently accepted all challenges as an opportunity for improvement and development of both society and educational system.

                                                      Professor Emeritus Djuradj Stakic
Pennsylvania State University, USA

The monograph is dedicated to looking into extremely significant and current concerns within educational policy and educational practice. The selected topic is viewed from the perspectives of contemporary theoretical approaches, but it is also empirically researched. A very large and relevant literature was used both for explaining the selected research subject and discussing the obtained results. A diverse, contemporary methodology was applied in researches, and the authors of works, starting from the existing results, analysed issues at a deeper level and illuminated some aspects that had not been studied thus far.

            Professor Marina Mikhailovna Mishina
  Russian State University for the Humanities, Russia

The main topics covered by the monograph can be classified as traditional to some extent — related to approaches to learning, language culture etc., and modern — connected with the andragogical view, coaching in teacher training, also the problem of distance learning during the covid pandemic, and models for preventing problem behaviors…The main leitmotif that permeates the content of all presented articles is the topic of the development of key skills, attitudes, experience, creativity — by both subjects in the educational process, and it gives semantic integrity to the monograph.… In view of the new social realities, a reasonable emphasis is placed on the continuing education and development of the teachers themselves, dictated by the accelerated pace of social change.

     Professor Teodora Stoytcheva Stoeva
University of Sofia „St. Kliment Ohridsky“, Bulgaria

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